Amaryllis Belladonna

Availability: August - September

Common name: Belladonna lily, Cape belladonna, Jersey Lily, Naked-Lady-Lily, March Lily
Genus Name: Amaryllis
Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Place of Origin: Native to South Africa, but has naturalised in many parts of the world.
How long do they last? 7-10 days

A lily-like flower, which flowers in late summer. It’s a deciduous bulb and is dormant in summer. The inflorescence of the flower reveals 2-12 fragrant funnel-shaped flowers on a stem carrying no leaves whatsoever.

Did you know?

The Belladonna lily thanks its nickname ‘naked-lady-lily’ to the way it grows: flourishing flowers from a leafless (naked) stem.

Care tips

Use flower food with sugar to stimulate opening of the buds.