Availability: March - May

Common Names: windflower, poppy anemone
Genus Name: Anemone
Family Name: Ranunculaceae
Place of Origin: Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region
How long do they last? 3-7 days
Colours available: pink, purple, blue, red white or bicoloured.

Anemone are perennials that have basal leaves with long leaf-stems that can be upright or prostrate. Leaves are simple or compound with lobed, parted, or undivided leaf blades. Solitary flowers are borne on the stem tips and the sepals are brightly coloured.

Did you know?

The flowers open during the day and close again at night. The flowers will continue to grow and twist even after they have been cut.

Care tips

Anemones are very thirsty flowers so put them in water as soon as possible.

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