Availability: October - December

Common Names: Brassica, Ornamental Cabbage or Ornamental Kale
Genus Name: Brassica
Family Name: Brassicaceae
Place of Origin: Western Europe
Other colours available: Cream, Green, Pink, Purple, White and Red.

The Brassica is a perennial herb with dense heads of frilly, colourful leaves borne on a sturdy, unbranched stem. As you might presume, the Brassica looks like a brightly coloured cabbage.

Did you know?

That in theory you could eat Ornamental Cabbage but it tastes very bitter and it is not grown for eating. So you should probably stick with eating regular cabbage or kale.

Care tips

Although the name suggest that you should treat the Brassica as a vegetable, do not do this. Treat it as any other cut flower. So recut the stems and place them in water.

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