Availability: May, June

Common Names: Triplet lilies, Cluster-lilies
Genus Name: Brodiaea (broh-dih-EE-uh) or Triteleia (try-TELL-ay-uh)
Family Name: Asparagaceae (a-spare-uh-AY-see-ee)
Place of Origin: North America and British Columbia
How long do they last? 5 - 12 days

Triteleia were formerly placed in genus Brodiaea, hence why they are known by the names Brodea and Triteleia.  There has been much controversy and confusion within these flower groups since the 20th century, so the recent reclassification is nothing new to these flowers.

Did you know?

Their flower stems are called ‘scape’ which refers to the stem; that take the form of a long, leafless flowering stem rising directly from a bulb, rhizome or in this case a corm.

Care tips

Cut the stems at an angle and change the water every few days.