Availability: May - October

Common Names: thoroughwax, hare’s ear
Genus Name: Bupleurum
Family Name: Apiaceae
Place of Origin: Europe
How long do they last? 7-10 days

It’s an annual perennial herb and easily recognised by the distinctive and attractive leaves. They are rounded in shape, stem-clasping and greenish-blue. The small yellow flowers are borne in umbels and surrounded by small yellow-green bracts.

Did you know?

The genus name comes from the Greek boupleurs (oxen rib). Because the leaves surround the stems the common name is derived from ‘throw-wax’: through-grow.

Care tips

The foliage tangles easily, so first hold the flowers upside down and shake them gently to loosen. Recut the stems, remove foliage that will end up below water line and place them in water.