Availability: April - September

Common Names: Carnation
Genus Name: Dianthus
Family Name: Caryophyllaceae
Place of Origin: Mediterranean region
How long do they last? 7-18 days
Varieties available: lots of variety in colours, shapes and flower sizes. They’re grown as single, spray or as potted carnations.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant which can grow up to 80cm tall. You can recognise the flower by its narrow, glaucous leaves and stiff flowering stems.

Did you know?

Passion, longing and romance are the things that carnations symbolise. That’s why a lot of Renaissance engagement paintings feature carnations.

Care tips

Cut the stems at an angle and remove all the leaves that will touch or go below the water level. Place the stems in water that is room temperature and change the water every few days. When you refresh the water don’t forget to recut the stems.