Availability: January - April

Common Names: Daffodil
Genus Name: Narcissus
Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Place of Origin: Southern Europe, Mediterranean region and Asia
How long do they last? 4-8 days
Varieties available: Mostly available in yellow or white, with either uniform or contrasting coloured petals and corona.

The Daffodil is easily recognised by its six petals which surrounds a cup or trumpet-shaped corona.

Did you know?

In Greek mythology, Persephone found Daffodils more beautiful than any other flower she had ever seen.

Care tips

  • The temperature of the conditioning water for the Daffodils should be cool and not warm.
  • Use professional flower food for the best results and cut the stems at least ½ inch before placing them in the vase with cool water.
  • Let the Daffodils have a drink for at least one night before putting them in the vase with the Tulips.
  • Note that you do not re-cut the stems after you have conditioned them, otherwise, the mucus will leak and the other flowers in the vase will die.