Availability: June - October

Common Names: baby’s breath, gypsophila, gyp
Genus Name: Gypsophila
Family Name: Caryophyllaceae
Place of Origin: Central Europe to Asia
How long do they last? 5-7 days

Gypsophila is a perennial herb with a thick taproot, narrow grey leaves and intricately branched, spare clusters of tiny white flowers.

Did you know?

Gypsophila is an extremely popular filler for bridal bouquets. If you notice that the Gyp smells a bit, just add a teaspoon of salt and the smell will vanish.

Care tips

Recut the stems and place them in water with flower food. Stems tangle easily, so it’s best to hold them upside down and shake lightly to loosen and separate the stems. Do not keep the Gyp over near your greenery department, and most certainly away from any Orchids. These two really hate each other, and the Orchid always wins the fight.

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