Availability: July - October

Common Names: Hypericum, Tutsan, St. John’s wort
Genus Name: Hypericum
Family Name: Hypericaceae
Place of Origin: Europe, north Africa and western Asia.
How long do they last? 7-10 days
Varieties available: there are numerous cultivars available. They can differ in leaf colour and in the size and colour of the berries (red, white, yellow, pink, green or orange).

The Hypericum is a deciduous shrub with erect branches of approximately 60cm. the broad leaves are sometimes clasping the stem and may be tinted red. The Star-shaped yellow flowers are followed by persistent brown or black fruits.

Did you know?

The name hypericum may derive from the Greek for “above pictures,” for its use over shrines to repel evil spirits, though some have translated it as “above the heath”.

Care tips

Cut the stems and put them in warm water. Make sure you remove all the foliage below the water line.

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