Availability: February (widow Iris), May - October

Common Names: Iris
Genus Name: Iris
Family Name: Iridaceae
Place of Origin: western Mediterranean
How long do they last? 2-6 days
Varieties available: The flower colour is mostly blue, yellow or white. The Dutch Iris is by far the most popular variety.

The Iris is a bulbous plant with sword-like leaves and a single stem bearing one or two flowers.

Did you know?

Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow in Greek mythology and the colourful flower was named after her. Goddess Iris was the messenger of the Gods and the rainbow was the bridge between heaven and earth. If you give someone Irises, it says ‘I have a message for you’. You can provide the flowers with a beautiful message.

Care tips

  • Cut the steal approximately 3-5 cm diagonally.
  • Put the Irises in a clean vase with clean water.
  • Make sure you put and keep about 5 cm of water in the vase.
  • Add cut flower food to the water.
  • Keep the flowers away from the draft, direct sunlight, or a heat source.
  • Fruit gives off ethylene gas which causes flowers to age faster. So, try to keep fruit away from the flowers too!

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