Availability: April - September

Common Names: Lisianthus, prairie gentian, Texas bluebell
Genus Name: Eustoma
Family Name: Gentianaceae
Place of Origin: United States and Mexico
How long do they last? 7-10 days
Colours available: they are available in a variety of colours such as pink, purple, white and blue.

You can recognise the Lisianthus by its large funnel-shaped flowers with a satiny sheen that grow on long straight stems with fleshy, grey leaves.

Did you know?

The Lisianthus has a few well-known associated meanings, such as: appreciation, gratitude and charisma. Because of these associative meanings, the flower is very popular in (wedding) bouquets or arrangements.

Care tips

Use a clean vase with clean water and add some flower food for cut flowers to the water. Make sure that the leaves stay out of the water and try to avoid high temperatures and bright sunlight.

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