Availability: March – May

Common name: Calendula, Marigold, common marigold, pot marigold
Genus Name: Calendula officinalis
Family Name: Asteraceae
Place of Origin: The Mediterranean region.
How long do they last? 5-7 days.

Marigolds come in different colours, with yellow and orange being the most common. As an annual or short-lived perennial, marigolds are a thankful and colourful addition to many gardens and bouquets. This herb, Calendula is also used for skin treatment, healing inflammations of all kinds.

Did you know?

Very early Christians called this flower Mary’s Gold, and placed it by the statues of the Virgin Mary. Marigold is associated with healing, religion and grief.

Care tips

When buying marigolds, make sure you buy them with flower heads at 90-100% open, but make sure htye have not yet started to decline and are free of pests or diseases.