Availability: September - October

Common Names: Guernsey Lily, Nerine
Genus Name: Nerine
Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Place of Origin: The Nerine originates from South-Africa. It is said that a ship carrying boxes of Nerine bulbs stranded on Guernsey. The bulbs washed up on the island and they became established and multiplied around the coast.
How long do they last? 10-14 days
Colours available: The pink Nerine is the best-known variety, but there are also white, orange and even red Nerine varieties.

The Nerine is a breath taking bulbous flower, with a tall stem, surrounded by a loose umbel of five to ten trumpet-shaped flowers. Each flower has six narrow perianths with flamboyant wavy edges, which in certain lights appear to have been sprinkled with gold.

Did you know?

Legends tell that the Nerine got its name from sea god Nereus’ beautiful daughters. They were called sea nymphs or Nereids.

Care tips

Always cut a piece of the stems and put the flowers in clean water with bulb flower food. To make sure that the flowers will last you must put the vase in a spot where there’s enough shadow.