Availability: July - September

Common Names: Nigella, love-in-a-mist, devil-in-a-bush
Genus Name: Nigella
Family Name: Ranunculaeae
Place of Origin: Southern Europa and the Mediterranean region
How long do they last? 5-8 days
Colours available: mostly blue, but there are some varieties in different colours.

The Nigella is an annual herb with erect stems of approximately 50cm high and characteristic slender, thread-like leaf segments. The ‘halo’ or ‘mist’ around the colourful petals is created by the finely divined and hair like bracts that surround the single flowers.

Did you know?

The fruit capsules of the Nigella are popular as fillers or for potpourri.

Care tips

Cut a piece of the stems and put the flowers in clean water with flower food. To make sure that the flowers will last you must put the vase in a spot where there’s enough shadow.