July - September

Common name: Phlox, Perennial/Summer Phlox
Genus Name: Phlox Paniculata
Family Name: Polemoniaceae
Place of Origin: Found mostly in North Amercia, Phlox also grows in diverse habitats from alpine tundra to open woodland and prairie.
How long do they last? 3-5 days.

Phlox is a perennial that can be recognised by its large cluster of flowers, assembling at the top of the stem and slightly below. While some are one-coloured, some popular cultivars are bi-coloured, like the ‘21st century Blue Star’.

Did you know?

Phlox’s nickname is wild sweet william, because of the strong similarities between the two flowers. The name Phlox is derived from the Greek word phlego, meaning flame.

Care tips

Recut stems, don’t place near the fruit bowl and use cut flower food for extended vase life.