Availability: August - December

Common Names: statice, sea lavender, caspia or marsh-rosemary
Genus Name: Limonium
Family Name: Plumbaqinaceae
Place of Origin: Mediterranean region
How long do they last? Limonium sinuatum’s average vase life is 10-12 days, but other species have a vase life of only 4-7 days.
Colours available: pink, violet, purple, white or yellow

Statice is a perennial, hairy herb with dissected leaves and winged flowering stems. The papery flowers are borne in large clusters. The two main groups are the larger-flowered, thicker-stemmed Limonium sinuatum and the smaller, lacy-flowered, thinner-stemmed Limonium latifolium.

Did you know?

Despite their common names, species are not related to the lavenders or to rosemary. They are instead in Plumbaginaceae, the plumbago or leadwort family.

Care tips

Cut the stems at an angle and remove all the leaves that will touch or go below the water level. Place the stems in water that is room temperature and change the water every few days. They are also great as a dried flower. Hang them upside down in a well-ventilated, dark area.