Availability: May - October

Common Names: Stocks
Genus Name: Matthiola
Family Name: Brassicaeae
Place of Origin: The Mediterranean and Southern Africa.
How long do they last? 5 - 10 days

A very fragrant flower, often called scented stocks for that reason. Stocks are available in a range of colours; from dark pink and red to white and cream.

Did you know?

Named for the 16th century Italian naturalist and physician, Pietro Andrea Matthioli (1500 to 1577) who first identified Matthiola incana. Imported into England immediately after its discovery and identification, Matthiola incana was bred extensively have been commercially cultivated as far back as the Roman Empire. An English garden favourite since Elizabethan times.

Care tips

Cut the stems at and remove all the leaves that will touch or go below the water level.  Continue to remove any foliage as it yellows.  Change the water regularly, every few days – as a relative of the brassica – cabbage family older water can smell and will decrease the lasting ability.