Plants: How being mad about them, will keep you sane

Do you buy plants to sell in your shop? If not, why not?

Plants can be an amazing seller. They are so easy for customers to ‘pick-up-and-go’, and provide a substantial option for those customers whose pockets are not all that deep.

They are a really good way of filling your display areas; you can be really creative with hanging containers or filling rustic wooden creates or arranging succulents on old wooden ladders.

You can get some amazing bargains when it comes to plants on Florismart’s buying platform. We’ve got gorgeous hot pink gerbera plants, beautiful rose plants and exotic kalanchoes. A mixed tray of each of each of these plants, delivered on a Tuesday would set you up for the week, and bring colour and difference to your shop. If you’re lucky enough to have an outside area, even better!


Green plants are particularly on trend at the moment, especially succulents and interesting green plants and ferns. Keep an eye on our buying platform for options such as alocasias, asparagus ferns and echeverias.

When it comes to plants, it’s all about how you present them. More often than not, people will buy them as a small gift for their teacher (Hint, it’s the end of term coming up), if they’re visiting a friend or relative, or for grandma’s birthday. If the plants are gift wrapped or in interesting containers, they will sell even quicker. Don’t forget how eye-catching a full selection of colourful plants can be.

Another major attraction, is that quirky displays items such as plants can attract people into your shop who maybe would have just walked straight past. That could result in an impulse buy, and/or they’ll be back next time they want to spend a bigger amount on a bouquet for a special occasion.


We’ll be asking all our wonderful florists in our facebook group how they use plants for extra sales, and how they display them. We’ll add the ideas pictures to this article, so keep a look out!

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