The best foliages for this year’s Christmas wreath!

It’s time to start preparing your wreaths and garlands for Christmas time! In this article we share some foliage favourites that are popular for wreath and garland making.

1 Nobilis

The foliage most people associate with Christmas wreaths is Nobilis. It is available in Green or Blue Green. One of our Foliage growers, the Irish Green Guys, said this is the best wreath making foliage for florists. It lasts extremely long and stands out price/quality wise.

Design tip: Nobilis goes really well with some Eucalyptus (pre-order on our platform). Eucalyptus dries out beautifully as well, so your wreath base will be very long lasting. Use some pine cones, dried fruit slices and cinnamon sticks on top and your Christmas wreath looks stunning this year!

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-14 om 22.14.01
Schermafbeelding 2017-11-15 om 10.33.23

2 Lodgepole Pine (Pinus)

A completely different type foliage, though if you like a wild look this might very well be a foliage you want to consider buying this Christmas. It’s very long lasting and is generally ‘fuller’ than other evergreens.

Design tip: Do you prefer colourful wreaths and garlands? Use Silver Sussex from the Irish Green Guys. It lasts for weeks without any water and can be used to give great colour and texture. Available for pre-order in different colours.

Made by:
Snowed Sussex Silver (1)
Sussex Silver Snowed - Irish Green Guys

3 Birch

Birch is another type of branch that is often used to make wreaths. Birch comes in all sorts of colours (dyed and sprayed) and doesn’t need any water during its time as a wreath.

Design tip: Decorate your Birch wreath with succulents and/or air plants for a modern Christmas look. Succulents are easy and can survive for months on end. Meaning customers can take them off the wreaths once Christmas is over.


Birch wreath by:
Rose Gold Birch (1)
Rose gold Birch - Irish Green Guys

4 Spruce

Last but not least, a very popular type of foliage used for wreaths and garlands amongst florists, is spruce. This is a type of coniferous evergreen, and although it can be prickly at times, it comes in the most beautiful colours. You will find Spruce in our Live shop.

Design tip: Add some tiny tulip bulbs to your Spruce wreath. These will become available close to Christmas. Holly is another very popular foliage to add to your Christmas wreaths.

We hope that (with the help of this article) you will be able to find the right products for your wreaths/garlands on our buying platform. If you have made a few wreaths already, and want to share results with us, send them to and we just might post your wreath/garland on Instagram (with a mention).

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