The strenght of different colours

It’s summer, which means that probably everyone wants to cheer up their home or garden with flowers in beautiful colours. But do you know the meaning of all those different colours? Read on to find out what your favourite colours mean in the world of flowers.

Which colour do you choose?


Red flowers are associated with true love and passion, but they also symbolise respect, desire, and courage.



Happiness and joy are the things that you communicate with yellow flowers. But it’s also the ideal colour for symbolising friendship. With their brightly coloured petals, yellow flowers are the perfect choice if you want to cheer someone up or give the energy in a room a positive boost.



Just like red flowers, pink blooms also symbolise love. Some other meanings of pink flowers are happiness, gentleness and femininity.



Orange flowers are bright and symbolise feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.



White flowers are, as everyone knows, very popular for wedding season since they symbolise purity, innocence and sympathy.



If you’re aiming to spread a feeling of relaxation in order to help people release any negative feeling or feelings of stress you should opt for blue flowers.



Purple flowers are usually used to symbolise success and royalty.



Green flowers and the colour green, in general, can be associated with rebirth and renewal, but it can also symbolise good health, good fortune, and youthfulness.

flower colours
flower colours

Colour themes

Now that you know what all these different colours mean you might wonder what you can do with this information?

Shop themes based on colours

One option is to divide your flower shop into different themes. You can think of a romantic corner, a summer feelings area etc. If you would like to create a romantic corner in your flower shop, you could combine red and pink flowers because they express love. White flowers fit also perfectly with the romantic theme because they symbolise purity and innocence. While yellow flowers are perfect for a summer corner because they spread happiness and joy.

As soon as a customer enters your shop, you can ask for which occasion he or she wants to buy flowers. Based on this information you can lead your customer to the right theme in your flower shop.

Explain the meaning of the  colours

To make it all easier for your customers, you can add labels to the flowers with information about the meaning of a colour. This way, your customer will choose the right colour to communicate his or her message to the one who will receive the flowers.

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