Christmas preparations at succulent grower Winco Holland

Christmas is only a few weeks away and both florists and growers are working hard on their Christmas preparations. Because florists are not usually aware of the process that their Christmas flowers and foliages go through, we thought it would be nice to do a behind the scenes Christmas special. For this article, we visited a grower with a not so typical Christmas product: Winco Holland succulents.

We visited the Winco Holland nursery where we spoke with co-director Arjen de Mare. Winco is a grower that believes in the creative process of the florist. With their branded products such as Wincx (cut succulents), Mecx (stemmed succulents) and Slice (succulents on wood) they express this vision in the sector. They have an ever-changing assortment, including some lovely Christmas succulents. Their products are especially popular in the USA.

Arjen and his succulents


Succulents aren’t the first plants you think of when ordering your Christmas essentials. But at Winco they made sure their succulents would look good in any Christmas wreath or arrangement by adding glitter or by painting their products. So if you’re looking for that extra sparkle, you could use their glittered Echeverias. And if you’re going for that metallic look their silver painted Echeverias are the plant for you. But when you don’t want to much fuss in your wreaths their iced succulents are also a great choice.


Because they do not have a typical Christmas plant/flower, their Christmas preparations are not as intense as other growers. But they do make sure to have an assortment ready, suited for the holiday season.


We asked Arjen what his favourite Christmas succulent was: ‘The Echeveria Taurus, definitely. This Echeveria has a natural dark red colour.’ This red variety is a beauty to look at and will be the star in your Christmas arrangements.



Arjen has got some tips for the florists who aren’t that familiar with using succulents for Christmas. ‘Succulents can handle a bit of cold. They can be cooled to a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius. Our succulents have a very long shelf life, even the cut succulents. They stay beautiful for months.’

If you make sure the succulents won’t get too cold, you (and your customers) can re-use them after Christmas.


At Winco, they pack loose succulents in boxes as air cargo. This means that they pump air into the boxes, which ensures that the succulents stay in their place. You could tip the box over and the succulents won’t move! Which is perfect for when they have to travel far. If you order Winco succulents, you will not have to worry about how they will arrive.


succulent wreath

A succulent Christmas wreath by the Cuckoo Flower Company

Are you eager to get your hands on their gorgeous succulents? You can find them on our Pre-order. If you’re looking for the succulents on stick (Mecx) for bouquet work, go to flower section and type in Winco in the Grower filter. If you prefer the cut succulents (Wincx) you have to go to the plant section and also filter on Winco. Christmas items (glittered etc.) can be found in the Christmas section.