Holstein Flowers — a grower and a breeder in one

Holstein Flowers is determined to be the exceptional Gerbera specialist. With a competitive range of high quality Gerberas, including unique and exclusive varieties. Because that is what makes Holstein Flowers an asset, they are: a grower and a breeder in one.

The Grower Holstein Flowers is on our buying platform as a top seller in the world of Gerberas.

As a breeder, Holstein Flowers are always on the look-out for new varieties with added value. This allows them to foresee market developments as a grower and incorporate them into our range and to constantly stay up-to-date.

They also want to be visible further down the chain, by inspiring florists to go the extra mile with the presentation and use of Gerberas.

”Innovation has always been a driving force for us. It has made it what we are today: the specialist in gerberas. We know all about the classics of the range as well as of the specialities. This mix is what makes Holstein Flowers unique. Our clients can choose from a complete range of gerberas, of different colours and concepts, but always recognisable by the high quality and distinctive species”.

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