Redford Flowers

Lilies, Tulips & Iris

Each year Redford Flowers can grow in their current facility 8 million tulips with spare capacity outside peak weeks starting just before Christmas until May. From June to October, they grow around a million speciality Irises including blues, white, yellow and purple. From June to November the nursery grows premium oriental Lilies every week they have white and try to have two different shades of pink.

Redford Flowers is the only deep water hydroponic growers of Iris in the world, the method giving improved aeration to the roots producing higher quality Iris, they live until the bulbs are cut off in suspended animation which gives a much-improved vase life.  Their indoor growing is set up on automated lines which move the flowers along the line in their stages of growth, the automated lines are great for the flower pickers where they are suspended in the air it means no need to bend down to pick out of the ground!