2019’s most #plantastic Instagram accounts

If you’re a plant lover like us, your Instagram feed is probably filled with lush greens but there’s always room for a few more! Last year, we already made a list of our favourite plant Instagram accounts and this year we’re doing the same. We present to you, the top 5 most #plantastic Instagram accounts of 2019.


Dria is a self-proclaimed plant whisperer and owns over 125 (!) plants – keeping so many plants alive is what we call true talent. If pink is your colour then @plantgazing should be on your to-follow list because this account posts a fair share of pink and adorable houseplants.


Jungle in a room

You can already guess the content of her posts, just by looking at her Instagram name: @jungleinaroom. Victoria lives in a true urban jungle with her cat Kittie. Besides inspirational pictures she also shares the occasional potting video, very educational for everyone who isn’t too sure about their own potting talents.


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Potting up my 5TH string of pearls! Obsessed much?! In my defense, I LOVE them….and I work at a plant shop and have no self-control! Anyway, I did this one a bit differently from the rest: 1. I’m potting this one in this cute, grey shallow terra cotta pot. Loves it! I usually do the traditional terra cotta. 2. I’m using my tropical mix instead of my succulent mix for it. That’s because this guy will be living on my balcony and it’s HOT out there. I want it to be able to retain as much moisture as possible. To be honest, this mix would still work indoors because terra cotta is so drying. After successfully keeping my first SOP alive (after almost killing it as soon as I brought it home I feel pretty confident growing these. They are actually quite easy. LIGHT is the most important thing! I grow some under grow lights and some in west-facing natural light. That’s bright indirect light all day and direct sun in the late afternoon/evening. RIGHT IN THE WINDOW. Not 6+ feet away from the window. I use terra cotta so I water once a week. You should water whenever the soil completely dries out. If you use ceramic, that could be every 2-3 weeks. If they stay dry too long the balls shrivel you can also tell it needs water by gently squeezing one of the pearls. It’s REALLY firm when it doesn’t need water and it’s a tiny bit squishy when it does. Hope this helps! #stringofpearls

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