Autumn wedding flower trends

Based on this week’s weather forecast you would already say that it is autumn. Now that autumn is actually nearing there are some things we can look forward to:  leaves changing colours, snuggling up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and… fall weddings. We are especially looking forward to the last part. So what can you expect from this year’s fall wedding flowers?

Texture is key

Autumn is the perfect time for heavily textured bouquets. Think of different types of flowers which fit perfectly into your colour scheme. You could also add accents to your bouquets by using viburnum or hypericum berries, lotus pods or fiddlehead ferns.


Rich colour scheme

Everyone knows that the colours of fall are breathtaking. Put these colours in a bridal bouquet and you will have a wedding to remember. Aubergine, copper and forest green flowers will be the show-stopping colours to make your wedding unforgettable. Dahlias and roses are perfect to use since they are available in many different colours.

Eye-catching copper

Classic glass vases are very popular for summer weddings, but what to choose for your table decoration during a wedding in fall? Many couples go for copper pots, silver trophy cups or gold-leaf vases. But also wood is a very popular material for this year’s fall weddings.


Go green

Foliage like Eucalyptus is a must have for fall weddings as well. It’s best to use it in your wedding bouquet and table decoration in combination with contrasting light and dark flowers. And what about succulents? They are a popular landscaping trend right now and perfect to use for your wedding centrepieces.

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