Why Daffodils are ruthless Tulip killers

Daffodils and Tulips are the perfect flowers to celebrate spring. But if you want to combine these two beauties you should definitely read this article first. Because these cold killers are not easy to handle!

Cold killers

You might have already experienced that combining Tulips with Daffodils is not a good idea. Daffodils produce a chemical mucus that injures Tulips. But Daffodils are also toxic to many other cut flowers. It seems that they are the serial killers of the cut flower world and we will explain in this article how to deal with them.

When a Daffodil is added to a vase with Tulips, the Tulips will turn yellow and have a reduced vase life. This is due to the presence of alkaloid compounds in the mucus. But the mucus also includes sugars and polysaccharides which stimulates the growth of bacteria in the vase water. This makes it impossible for some flowers to absorb water.


Your Tulip saving tips

Do you just really love the combination of Tulips and Daffodils? Then follow the next few steps to keep them both alive:

  • The temperature of the conditioning water for the Daffodils should be cool and not warm.
  • Use professional flower food for the best results and cut the stems at least ½ inch before placing them in the vase with cool water.
  • Let the Daffodils have a drink for at least one night before putting them in the vase with the Tulips.
  • Note that you do not re-cut the stems after you have conditioned them, otherwise, the mucus will leak and your Tulips will die a painful death.


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