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Are you named after a flower and curious to see if your name is on this list? Or are you expecting a little boy or girl, trying to find a beautiful suiting name? Consider giving them one of these botanical baby names. They are either an existing flower species or from the botanical world. Read on!


Let’s start with probably one of the most popular botanical baby names on this list. The Lily symbolises a lot of virtues and characteristics, making it a suitable name for many. Amongst those symbolic meanings, the flower stands for femininity, love and purity.


Roses come in many different sizes, colours and cultivars, making it a versatile flower. The same goes for their name, as it can be used to create many botanical baby names. Think of Rosalie, Rosamund or Rosemary. Some might prefer simply ‘Rose’, as it will always be timeless, classic and popular.

Combine the first two names and you will be the namesake of Johnny Depp’s daughter: Lily-Rose.

botanical baby names


Surprised that this name is on the list of popular flower-related baby names? Don’t be! It has everything to do with the colourful and popular garden plant: Sweet William. Sweet Williams bloom from May until September, making it a suitable name for spring and summer baby boys.


Would you like to name your new-born after a beautiful white bloom (or a Disney princess ;))? Then go for Jasmine. Or give it a twist and go for a slightly different spelling like Yasmin or Yasmine. Did you know that the Jasmine flower is adored by many because of its heavenly sweet smell?


Did you know that the leaves of the Violet flower are considered to have healing effects? It often gets used in anti-septic, salves and even plasters. And because of its healing and protective effects plus its sweet scent, it also symbolizes love, faithfulness and humility. What more can you ask for?



This is a Latin name and means ‘flowering or flourishing’. It may sound feminine to some, but it is mostly used for boys. Wishing your new-born a life full of big dreams and success? Consider the suiting name ‘Florian’.


Probably a little less popular but therefore even more special; give your baby girl the Hawaiian name Leilani. Leilani has two meanings: ‘heavenly flower’ and ‘child of God’. Both beautiful messages to give to your little girl. You do owe her a trip to Hawaii when she grows up tough!


Poppies are commonly known as a symbol of remembrance but it also stands for beauty, success and lively imagination. According to the ancient Greeks, the flower also represents sleep, because of its sedative effect when ingesting the Poppy’s sap. Naming your baby after the Poppy flower might assure that she will become a good sleeper, giving you some calm nights!

botanical baby names


The name Watson probably takes your mind to Sherlock Holmes instead of to the beautiful Watsonia flower. Nevertheless, it is a botanical name and caries the strong meaning of ‘powerful warrior’.


In 2019, the name Ivy was the 16th most popular name for baby girls in the UK. The popularity of the name might be due to Beyoncé’s 7 year old daughter: Blue Ivy Carter.  Back in Ancient Greece, Ivy wreaths used to be gifted to newlyweds as a symbol of faithfulness to each other.


Curious to know what your birth flower is? Then read this article and find out!

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