How to get ready for Autumn

Autumn is a favourite season of many florists, it’s a chance to pull on your favourite boots, get wrapped up and… change your buying habits?


Written by Katie-Jane Hermes from The Garden Studio

autumn flowers

It’s all about the colour scheme

Summer is a season full of pinks, yellow, Roses, Lilies, Hydrangea, Just to name a few. Now that Autumn is setting in do you need to change the flowers you buy? Not necessarily… Yes, there are stunning berries and Physalis that join the auctions in the fall months but let’s not forget your flower stand regulars. If you have firm favourites that work well for your business how about mixing the colours up a little? Swop out those Yellow Chrysanthemum blooms for a beautiful two-tone orange. Try an orange Rose instead of a pink. You can even mix it up a bit with a purple hydrangea or a Lisianthus in a red berry shade! Add Autumn shades into your foliage too with dipped Oak, Cotinus, Photinia Red Robin and Viburnum.

autumn flowers
Autumn arrangement by The Garden Studio

The finishing touch

Now that your colour scheme is full on Autumn you need a finishing touch to complete the look. As mentioned above, Physalis and berries are not to be missed items. But what about Sunflowers, Symphoricarpos, Thistle and Carthamus? These flowers are all in season now and give you that real autumn feeling.


autumn flowers

Autumn floral design by The Garden Studio


The final step to get ready for fall is decorating your shop. Entice customers to come inside your shop by creating an autumnal window display using Pumpkins, Berries, Branches and dried Leaves.

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