Your local florist – the go-to for your Christmas gifts

We can not believe how fast this year has gone by. Before you can blink an eye it’s Christmas again. Meaning that there is still a lot of Christmas gift shopping to be done. But what should you get for your loved ones this year? Our suggestion is to visit your local florist for that special gift. And here is why:

Christmas gift

Why you should keep it local this Christmas

Gemma Quinton, from Quintons Floristry: ‘Supporting local independents is not only the ethical choice but it also helps build the local economy.’

There are numerous reasons why it’s important to buy local. Not only is it good for the community’s well-being, but local businesses also tend to hire local people and recycle a much larger part of their revenue back into their town compared to big chains.

Buying a gift from your local florist also has another advantage: these florists know their community. Gemma Quinton: ‘Independent florists know what their locals want and can cater to them accordingly rather than trying to please a wider, much more varied public. You get that personal touch and advice that big chains just can’t provide. The personable touch is something money can’t buy!’

A florist has its way of creating unique pieces of art with these products of nature. Independent florists try to stimulate creativity whereas supermarkets, for example, focus too much on the generic part and produce bouquets that all look alike.


Christmas flowers & plants

We are convinced that flowers are the best gift, although we have to admit that we are slightly biased. But what is not to love about a bespoke bouquet filled with fresh (scented) flowers that are made with love? Exactly. Here is a list of a few flowers and plants that add that extra bit of Christmas spirit:

  • Amaryllis. The Hippeastrum is one of the winter’s longest-lasting cut flowers and symbolises enchanting beauty, friendship and affection. Sounds like the perfect gift, doesn’t it?
  • Poinsettia. What’s more Christmassy than the ‘Christmas flower’? With over 8 million plants sold every year, it’s the UK’s number one selling houseplant during the festive season.
  • Mistletoe. Get a bunch of Mistletoe from your local florist if you are planning on stealing a kiss from your secret Santa crush this year.
  • Roses. Although you probably associate roses with Valentine’s Day these velvety blooms are a great addition to any Christmas bouquet or arrangement.


More than just flowers

Did you know that you can buy more than just flowers at your local florist? Although blooms are their main attraction, flower shops do offer more than that. A lot of them have a vast range of (artisan) chocolates, sweets, wine, bath bombs or soaps – a heavenly combo we must say. But that’s not all – you could also surprise your loved ones with an experience; a lot of florists offer a wide range of workshops throughout the year.


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