The animal friendly Lilies from Lilies of Life

Lilies of Life is a nursery that grows gorgeous  lilies and they are known for their rather odd employees.  Read more below about this passionate grower and their interesting story.

Lilies of life

About the grower

Lilies of Life has been a family business for many years and it shows. They are very passionate when it comes to flowers and their blooms are pretty remarkable. They even grow pollen free ones! And now they have added even more beautiful varieties to the Pre-order.

Gerben Ravensbergen, the owner of the company:

“Our lilies symbolise our passion of life. With their colour, intensity and the unexpected, they enhance the special moments in our lives. Our family business has been established in flower bulb cultivation since 1931 and we have been fully specialised in lilies for the last four decades. We produce around nine million lilies each year.”

Chickens do the weeding!

Lilies of Life is a company that stands for Fair Trade. Their philosophy and processes go much further than legislation and rules. They prefer to lead when it comes to sustainability, and they do! One of Lilies of Life’s great concepts is the use of rescued chickens. These chickens get rid of the weeds that grow in their greenhouses between the lilies. These chickens are rescued from an awful life in battery cages. The first time they enter the farm they are in terrible condition. This grower gives them the opportunity to live their remaining life in peace, wobbling through the plants. You do not have to fear for the condition of the flowers because the chickens are only interested in the bugs and the seeds in the ground. When they are searching for food they shuffle the ground, which is great because it prevents weeds from growing.

Lilies of Life
Their "employees"
Lilies of Life

Tip from the grower

If you want to enjoy your flower arrangement even longer Lilies of Life has a few tips to ensure that every lily opens, right down to the last flower.

  • Put clean water in a clean vase
  • Add some Chrysal lily food
  • Cut the stems with a sharp knife
  • Ensure that no leaves are in the water
  • Make sure the lilies don’t get too warm and do not place them in a draught and keep them away from the fruit bowl!
  • Add water regularly
  • Let the lilies do their thing: be pretty!


If you want to know more about Lilies of Life just visit their website.  You can find the Lilies from Lilies of Life on the Pre-order.

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