Meet one of the RHS showstoppers

Have you ever been to the RHS Chelsea show and saw those gorgeous big pompon Chrysanthemums? Well, guess what, you can now order these showstoppers fresh from the grower. Because Chelsea Gold Award winner R.F. Lawrence & Sons (also known as Chrysanthemums Direct) has joined the Pre-order.

Chrysanthemums direct

Chrysanthemums Direct showcasing their flowers – Source: Holidaylettings

The award-winning flowers

Starting this week R.F. Lawrence will offer their gorgeous Misty varieties on our Pre-order. This means that you can now buy the Misty Cream, Misty Lemon, Misty Primrose and the Misty Gold fresh from the grower. If you can’t possibly choose between those blooms just opt for the mixed box.

Our British Flower Coordinator, Sue Shaw visited the nursery and was amazed by the quality: “The quality is superb. It’s exactly the same specifications as the stems this grower shows at all RHS flower shows throughout the summer”. If you are curious to see their flowers in real life, just visit their stand at one of the RHS shows or visit our British Flower Bus which will also be filled with their Chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums Direct
Chrysanthemums Direct

About the nursery

This nursery already celebrates its sixtieth birthday this year. Many different varieties of flowers have been grown over the years by the Lawrence family, including Stocks, Iris and Sweet Williams. However, the main core of the business has always remained with the production of many varieties of Chrysanthemum. This has enabled them to become specialists in all stages of production, from propagation, using their own virus-free stock, to the finished product. They are now one of the few remaining bloom Chrysanthemum producers in the country, cutting annually some 1.25 million blooms.


Tip from the grower

The stems might be wilting a tiny bit when they arrive at your shop, but don’t worry. Just give the stems a snip and a good drink after their journey and they will soon come back to tip-top condition.


Go to the Pre-order to shop these award-winning blooms.

Chrysanthemums Direct
Chrysanthemums Direct

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