Save lots of money on your wedding

Every florist tries to find the best and most amazing flowers for this year’s wedding season. Hydrangeas are very popular wedding flowers but they can be expensive sometimes. Are you looking for a way to save lots of money on your upcoming weddings? Then you should definitely have a look at the lovely Hydrangeas from Colombian grower Galleria Farms.


Hydrangeas for a perfect wedding

Whether you choose to use Hydrangeas for a single flower bouquet or incorporate it into a mixed bouquet with other flowers, the result will always surprise you. You will only need two or three Hydrangeas for a full bouquet. Are you planning on making garlands for future weddings? The Hydrangea is perfect to add to garlands and fresh flower table runners as well. And last but not least, you can use it for the decoration of ceremonies and churches.

Hydrangeas will give the perfect touch of summer to every wedding.

Galleria Farms
Galleria Farms - Hydrangea

Galleria Farms

Colombian grower, Galleria Farms is established in 2000. Nowadays, it’s a leading grower of fresh cut flowers. Their beautiful Hydrangeas are now available on our Pre-order with the 15th of May as the first possible delivery date.

The Hydrangeas all have a minimum head size of 18cm and a stem length of 60cm. At this moment, Galleria Farms offers a White, Blue, Lilac and Green variety on our Pre-order. The flowers are very well priced, so this is your time to save lots of money on your weddings.


Go to our Pre-order to order buy Galleria Farms’ Hydrangeas.

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