Qualily to the test – by Clare Wrenne

When it comes to flowers, we all want them to last forever, right? That’s why Grower Ambassador Clare Wrenne tested the vase life of 7 different Lilies, provided by grower Qualily. Clare received 6 unscented LA Lilies and one delicately scented Longiflorum. Curious about the results? Read on below.


Written by Clare Wrenne


Vase life

I personally really wanted to put the Lilies to the test to get a fair judgement of the vase life. I stood a single stem in a vase of water with no flower food and placed them in a corridor. I did not change the water throughout this experiment. This really was the toughest conditions and I was astounded with the vase life.

Astonishingly, the Brindisi (Pink) LA Lilly lasted from day 1 until day 14. It really was a superb flower in terms of longevity. The others lasted until day 12 apart from the (Red) Corleone which lasted 10 days. Remember these Lilies did not have fresh water or flower food and still managed to last that long.



In terms of using the Lilies for designing, I have to say I was delighted with the Global Harmony, they took four days to open, which is worth knowing for floral tributes. Once opened they displayed the most beautiful flower that I would be proud to use in my arrangements. As front facing flowers they also worked well in hand-tied designs and the light fragrance was perfect.

Orange Lilly
Orange1 lilly

Quality & opinion

All of the stems were very strong and easy to condition. In my opinion though, the petals on the Red Corleone LA Lilly were very fragile. I found they bruised very easily and fell off quicker than the others. This is something I will feedback to Qualily.

My overall opinion is that these Lilies are amazing value for money. To have a flower last up to 14 days in poor conditions is simply incredible. For shops wanting to hold a long-lasting Lilly that will literally stand the test of time then go for a Qualily product. Also, anyone who loves the Lily flower but finds the scent to overbearing now has the option of unscented.

Longi lilly
Lilly orange

The pictures of the hand-ties in this article are designs from florists who used the Lilies of Qualily. We would like to thank Denise Murphy, Emily Hepworth and Catherine Johnson for sharing these beautiful arrangements with us.

The LA Lilies used in this test were: White Litouwen, Yellow Nashville, Pink Brindisi, Orange Corallo, Red Corleone and Salmon Classic. The seventh Lilly tested was a White Global Harmony Longiflorum, which is actually a new product.


Did Clare’s test convince you to buy Qualily’s flowers from now on? You find their Lilies on our Pre-order.