The stylish Calla Lily

Florists are known for their flowers but their shops are usually filled with plants as well. Although the Calla is used as a cut flower, it’s also one of our favourite plants. This stylish plant is the perfect addition to a sleek and modern interior (or any other interior style for that matter!). More than enough reasons to put the Zantedeschia in today’s spotlight.

Calla Lily
Zantedeschia Odessa
Zantedeschia Crystal Blush
Zantedeschia Crystal Blush

The Calla

This gorgeous flower was discovered in the swamp region of South Africa in the 18th century. Afterwards, a governor sent the plant to Europe. The Calla mostly grows on lightly covered slopes, in spots where the drainage of rainwater is impeded. This doesn’t sound that glamorous does it? In fact, the Calla can even grow in full shade.

You can recognise the Calla by the finger-like centre (the spadix) which is enclosed by a large bract (the spathe). The colour of the spathe varies from white and yellow to purple and pink. Surprisingly, there are even some black varieties.


What’s in a name

The Calla actually has multiple names. Zantedeschia is the botanical name, named after the doctor and botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi. Originally it was also called arum aethiopicum, calla aethiopica and Ethiopian arum lily. But Calla is the popular name, which is Greek for beautiful. Seems suiting, doesn’t it?

The Calla represents grandeur and beauty but also expresses purity, elegance, compassion, sexuality and the freshness of spring. Back in the Greek and Roman era, they associated the calla with parties and fun. The Zantedeschia has been seen as a bringer of luck ever since.

Meet the growers behind the plant

The Callas on our Pre-order are grown by Dutch nursery Dynaplant. This nursery was founded in 2004 by Martin van der Lugt and Peter Varekamp. Since then they have been supplying Callas year-round and they call themselves true plant specialists. It takes the Callas at Dynaplant 3 months to grow into a beautiful plant.

Watch the video to get to know their Calla’s production process:


We recognise our responsibility as a business, and make big efforts to find environmentally friendly and socially responsible solutions. We are constantly developing! The MPS guidelines are followed with a completely closed water system. Meaning, that we reuse our water. And our GroenLabel greenhouse meets the highest environmental and energy saving standards.

Plants need heat to grow; we produce this heat with our own combined heat and power plant. We use this to generate electricity for own use or to feed into the grid. This means we make optimum use of the gas. All residual heat is also used; we use the released residual heat ourselves.

With effect from 2017, we’re connected to the geothermal heat supply from TriasWestland. This enables us to use hot water from the soil to heat the greenhouse. And it diminishes our reliance on combined heat and power and reduces our carbon emissions.


Care tip from the grower:

The Calla is most comfortable at room temperature. For this reason, you should keep the temperature nice and consistent at  20 degrees. Furthermore, you should choose a location where there’s enough shade. Water the Calla once or twice a week, and make sure that no surplus water remains in the pot – the plant prefers to keep its feet dry. So keep these things in mind and you will be rewarded with the Calla’s elegant floral display!

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