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Are you in need of Orchids with nice large flowers? Orchid nursery Walter Grootscholten might be your lifesaver. Our in-house florist Merel paid a visit to this Dutch grower to have a closer look at the beautiful Orchids. Read more below about the difference between the Orchids from the Pre-order and Orchids on the Live Shop.

Bigger flowers – same stem length

You might have noticed already that Walter Grootscholten’s Orchids (available on the Pre-order) are different compared to most Orchids in the Live Shop. The main difference is that Grootscholten offers Orchids which all have the same stem length. If you order these Pre-order Orchids, you have to base your choice on the length of the stems and the number of stems per box. Another difference is that the Orchids from Walter Grootscholten have bigger flowers.

The Orchids in the Live Shop, on the other hand, are usually bought per flower instead of per stem. Usually, these boxes contain 25 flowers with short stems, and in different lengths. So if you buy these Orchids your choice is just based on the flower itself.

Can’t find the Orchid that you’re looking for? No problem! Walter Grootscholten is more than happy to fulfil are your wishes! You can send an email to customer service with your special request and we will arrange it together with Walter Grootscholten. It’s just that easy!


Last but not least, Merel has a useful rule for when you want to order the perfect Orchid from our buying platform:

  • If you buy per flower, the length of stems varies.
  • If you buy per stem, each stem will have the same length.
Walter Grootscholten
Orchids - Walter Grootscholten
Walter Grootscholten

Big flowers – but how?

Walter Grootscholten is a modern nursery with freshly cut-phalaenopsis orchids. They started with a nursery of 500m² which grew to the 12.600m² it is today. Like we just explained, Walter Grootscholten’s Orchids have bigger flowers than usual. But how is this possible? They accomplish this through a unique growing system, where they let nature run its course and only harvest the stems when they are fully flourished.

Walter Grootscholten
Orchids - Walter Grootscholten
Walter Grootscholten

Tip from the grower

During the processing, Walter Grootscholten uses bottles with hot water (60 degrees Celcius). This water contains almost no bacteria, which ensures a longer shelf life. Their advice to florists is to do the same: use hot water which is cooled down a bit. Another point of advice: always use clean knives, because dirty knives also contain bacteria. This is very important, because bacteria will clog the tubes, and if that happens the flowers can’t absorb any water.

A big misconception, according to Walter, about cut Phalaenopsis is that they need to be stored at 15 degrees like the plant. The ideal storage temperature is actually 7 degrees. The cold will keep them fresh and ensures a longer shelf life.


Go to our Pre-order to choose your favourite Walter Grootscholten’s Orchid.

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