Looking back on a positive and successful Valentine’s

Now that Valentines is over, deliveries are done and dusted and everyone has had time to recuperate, it is time to look back. The feedback we are getting is that most florists had a good Valentines, given the horrendous weather we all had to endure. This pleases us because we know Valentines is a stressful peak.

The entire Florismart team worked hard to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. No surprise that we were very disappointed in the statement released to florists the week prior to Valentines which stated that there was a major issue with Kenyan roses, making claims regarding quality which were totally unfounded and inaccurate.

As we reassured all our customers at the time, and which was proven to be true, there was absolutely no issue with the Kenyan red roses that Florismart had on Pre-order and supplied through Safari Garden.

Florismart is here to support from Farm to Florist and statements like the one made serve no purpose and do nothing but cause unrest and stress for growers and florists in a period when stress levels are already high.

The team in Kenya worked extremely hard to make sure all our deliveries were the best they could be. We received many emails thanking us for our efforts and the good quality of the roses. I know our other growers, like Parfum Flower Company and Farm Direct, also worked extremely hard to deliver a great Valentine’s Day for everyone.

We are now excitedly looking forward to Mother’s Day and hope that this has given you the confidence to look at the excellent offers we have coming from these great growers.

Some of the positive feedback we have had:
– “After 189 IF deliveries, we had no complaints… I’m only posting this now because we have to wait 2 weeks for them to collate any issues and contact you… so any IF members next year keep an eye on the Florismart offering and have the confidence to run with it and enjoy the extra profit”
– “Just under 100 IF deliveries made and no complaints on those or locals – thank you FS”