5 Tips to survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! To avoid stress and nightmares about roses, we will supply you with a ‘How to survive Valentine’s Day’ top tips list,  coming from our own Florismart florists. Read on to make sure you will be ready to tackle Cupid’s favourite day.

Valentine's Day

Tip #1: Starting earlier is better than working late

There are several reasons why we prefer to start early instead of work late. After a long and busy day at work, it is easier to make mistakes and the simplest tasks will take longer due to tiredness. While during an early start, you will rarely get interrupted by phone calls or customers. Whereas, in the evening customers tend to be quite happy to give the door a knock when they know you are inside.

Tip #2: Cook double and freeze the extras

Eating good and healthy food will keep your energy levels up during a peak period like Valentine’s. Don’t go eating takeaways at your workbench. Otherwise, you’re going to feel knackered the next morning and work slower and slower. Eat fresh, to stay fresh!

Tip #3: Make sure you’re stocked up on essential things

Stock up on stuff like loo paper, washing-up liquid, hand wash, ink cartridges, copy paper, order pads, pens, till and card machine rolls, staples, disposable cups, coffee/tea… Boring but essential stuff to get through Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Tip #4: Prepare, prepare, prepare

Start preparing price lists, wrapping paper, bags and boxes to save some time. Price lists can be made in advance when you Pre-order your Valentine’s Day essentials. You could also send the driver(s) out the day before all orders, to determine the most efficient delivery route.

If your flowers arrive 3 to 4 days before Valentine’s Day, then use this time to get them hydrated, cleaned and possibly already arranged into bouquets. Or shop some pre-made bouquets this year!

Tip #5: Get regular exercise

There is absolutely nothing – except for maybe a good diet – that will improve your concentration levels, energy levels, cognitive processing and general mental health than getting into a good exercise routine. It’s a matter of fact!


To conclude: most of the lovebirds out there are last-minute buyers. So don’t panic: they will come in and buy those lovely flowers! In need of more Valentine’s  Day tips for a smooth run? Click here.

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