Already the 5th Golden medal for Zentoo at RHS Chelsea

Zentoo and Deliflor have worked together to supply the flowers for the beautiful Chrysanthemum installation at RHS Chelsea. John Peace from the National Chrysanthemum Society used their mums to build a Solar System. A Chrysanthemum Solar System? Yep! Scroll down to check out these outer space Chrysanthemums.

Golden Medal Zentoo
Golden Medal Zentoo

About the installation

National Chrysanthemum Society:

“The Solar System is the inspiration for the Society’s floral exhibit this year. Drawing on a vibrant array of chrysanthemums the exhibit seeks to explore the vast variety of planetary objects in our Solar System.

The exhibit revolves around a central golden display of yellow chrysanthemums representing the Sun itself. Then using the hues and colour combinations of over 25 cultivars, a selection of planets and moons are depicted around this central piece.”

The RHS clearly liked this idea, because it was awarded a Golden medal for the fifth time in a row.

Golden medal zentoo
Golden medal zentoo

To help you recreate this Chrysanthemum Solar System we made a list of every flower and the planet/moon they depict:

  • Grand Orange – Callisto
  • Haydar Yellow –  Phobos
  • Haydar – Deimos
  • Baltica + Code Green – Earth
  • Talitha – Oberon
  • Baltica Salmon – Uranus
  • Grand Cherry – Mars
  • Bontempi – Moon
  • Bartoli & Baltica Yellow – Sun
  • Vanilla Sorbet – Jupiter
  • Grand Pink – Ganymede
  • Cocoon – Venus
  • Softone – Mercury
  • Baltazar – Neptune
  • Romance + Stresa Purple – Saturn
  • Grand Salmon – Lo
  • Radost White – Mimas
  • Copa – Europe
  • Anastasia Dark Green – Titan
Golden medal zentoo
Golden medal zentoo

About Zentoo

Zentoo is a supreme brand that grows unique Chrysanthemum varieties. With nearly 60 varieties in their assortment, they are one of the most versatile Chrysanthemum growers in the industry. They use the latest growing techniques and have modern equipment that allows them to grow top of the line products.

Zentoo has partnerships with many breeders, which guarantee frequent updates of their assortment with the best novelties.

Fun fact: Zentoo pre-cools all their Chrysanths before they leave the greenhouse. This prevents the flowers from “sweating” during transport. Decreasing the chance that the flowers go bad. Consequently, it has a positive effect on the overall shelf life.


The good news is that you can order these Gold medal quality Chrysanthemums on the Pre-order.

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