7 incredibly good reasons why you should Pre-order

Christmas is less than a month away. We could think of a million reasons why you should Pre-order, but given we’re short on time… We have downsized the load to 7 incredibly good reasons.

#1 Pre-ordering is especially at peak times a major money saver.

Pre-ordering your products directly from the grower has its perks, for one it allows you to secure a fixed price. During peak times such as Christmas, you won’t be subjected to prices that fluctuate. To illustrate, when checked by florists during Christmas 2017 the Pre-order outperformed the Live by 15-20% price difference.

#2 No fridge flowers: these flowers are all straight from the grower.

Because Florismart establishes a direct link between the grower and the florist, the stock you see on the Pre-order is coming straight from the grower. We make no exceptions for Christmas, so the products you purchase in the Pre-order always come straight from the farm and the field (a lot less handling).

#3 Quality control from door to door, we are there.

Part of our team will be monitoring the delivery process and will perform quality control. Making sure you get your order in the best condition possible.

#4 Time saved beforehand with precision buying.

It’s not much of a secret and we are happy to share this with you: Pre-ordering can be a very time proficient experience. Whether you work with a shopping list or not, you will find everything you need in just a few clicks. The overview of products is structured and curated in such a way that it’s very easy for you to pick the right products. In just a few minutes, at any given time of the day, you can secure 50, 70, or maybe even 80% of the Christmas products you need. Also, if you want to add extra bits you can always come back and top-up, or go to the Live for those last-minute orders. Any product that is ordered, on Pre-order or on Live, will be consolidated and sent to you in one delivery, as long as you pick the same delivery date.

#5 Real florists reviewed the products, don’t just take our word for it.

Our in-house florist Katie-Jane has reviewed several products available on the Pre-order. You can find these reviews on our YouTube channel. The curated products on the Pre-order have been approved by our Product Team.

Many products bought on the Florismart platform are also reviewed by the 2,000 florists in our Florismart Florists Facebook Group. There is no filter in this group, meaning that what’s good comes out as good, and what’s bad comes out as bad. The members are 100% in control of the content on this page.

#6 You never have to stress a second about whether or not a product will be available.

While Live shopping has many advantages, the biggest being a fast delivery, it does have its downsides. This is where the Pre-order makes up for what the Live shop can’t offer you (security). When you Pre-order, you do not have to worry about whether it runs out at the last minute because you order in advance. The stock that is on there, is the stock that will be available and is guaranteed once you have confirmed it.

#7 Many florists have pre-ordered for Christmas before you.

For a young company like ours, we have sold a great amount of Pre-order flowers for this upcoming peak already, we were fiercely proud to be Zentoo’s biggest customer during Christmas last year, these figures were directly related to Pre-ordering at Christmas. But let’s not take our word for it, see what Florists and Growers are saying about it in our Florismart Florists Facebook Group.


Are you convinced? Start your Christmas Pre-order now.