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You’ve probably heard of Arend Roses – you’ll have seen the grower name while shopping on the Florismart Platform. But do you know the huge range of beautiful roses they grow? We’re very excited to announce that they have four new large headed varieties, available for you to buy from the buying platform now:

Prima Donna+

A peach rose with a full bud and dark green foliage. It contrasts well with pinky/orange colour palettes.


Somewhere inbetween cream and champagne, with a hint of salmon pink. Talea is Latin for ‘haute couture’, and is a great rose for bridal arrangements and modern designs.

White Soda+

This quality rose is pure white and unique thanks to the uniformity of its bud. It’s always difficult when a bride wants a pure white rose, but now it’s easy.


The large-flowered Lovelace+ Rose is delicate pink with a hint of lilac. It has a fragrance, which makes it a perfect choice for weddings, events and special occasions. Lovelace+ is only available in small quantities, making it the most exclusive out of the four new varieties.

These are only 4 of the 12 varieties of Arend roses we now have available so get buying! There’s also an option of a mixed bucket of some of the varieties so you can try them out.

Who are Arend Roses?

Arend Roses has been a leading Dutch grower with an excellent reputation for many years now. Remco van der Arend is now at the helm of the business, after his father started growing roses in 1976.

I grew up in our greenhouses,” says Remco. “Although I had the freedom to choose my own path in life, there was nothing I wanted more than to keep on working with roses. Growing is in my blood, and the rose is a beautiful, lively product that I will never get bored of. Arend Roses supplies beautiful materials for you to work with, and it is always satisfying to watch something unique grow. It’s a good feeling to provide florists with high-quality roses, which they can then use to make their customers happy.”

Arend Roses combine the latest technologies with employees who truly appreciate roses. To create a perfect uniformity of the bud, Remco explains: “The roses are pruned twice a day, seven days a week. This is still traditionally done by hand. The roses are placed in water straight away and arrive in the cold storage room within half an hour. In the processing area, specialist employees carry out a quality control on each and every rose. Only roses that meet the quality requirements set by us are bunched by the bunching machines. Our quality requirements are considerably higher than the requirements set by the flower auctions.”

Richard van der Lans is the Operational Director of Arend Roses. Going green is one of Richard’s priorities: “It’s important to make sure that our roses are grown as sustainably as possible,” says Richard.

“We have children too, so we understand the importance of good entrepreneurship for the future. Over the past few years, Arend Roses has invested a great deal in green technologies and greater transparency, for which we have been awarded the MPS-A, MPS-GAP and the MPS-Quality quality marks. The MPS-Quality quality mark provides the consumer with the guarantee that we are a nursery that meets the highest requirements in the area of environment, hygiene and safety. That’s fantastic, and that is what we stand for,” he continues.

Richard goes on to explain how Arend Roses remains distinctive in a market that is full of roses: “It is important to have the guts to make big decisions. So we stopped growing a few varieties on a large scale. Nowadays, we specialise in a wider range – unique varieties, in unusual colours – so that we are able to offer a wide yet exclusive assortment. I want our customers to be just as proud of our roses as I am when I walk through the greenhouses every day.”

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