British flower season is on its way – start Pre-ordering!

With British Flower Week nearing, more and more British florals start appearing on our buying platform. Below we listed some of our favourite British grown flowers and their growers. What is your or your customer’s favourite?

british flower
british flower


British grown Stocks are currently available on the Pre-order in 5 colours: Lavender, Pink, White, Cream and Red. The British Matthiola are grown by E M Cole Farms and offered in mixed bunches as well (40 stems). After some feedback from fellow florists, the farm recently decided to wrap their Matthiola in paper instead of plastic from now on. We believe that’s the power of connecting florists with growers.


British Peonies are back on the buying platform too! Check out New Horizon flowers’ full range of Peonies on the Pre-order, including Peony Cytherea, Red Charm and Shirley Temple. The minimum order quantity for these British beauties is only 25. What are you still waiting for?!

british flower
british flower


Crosslands Flower Nursery is our British grown Alstroemeria expert. They offer a full range of colours and varieties on the Pre-order, including a mix of 5 various colours (50 stems). Perfect if you only need a few of each colour or if you just can’t make your mind up on which one to choose. Crosslands’ Alstroemeria are normally 90 cm long and weigh around 70 grams.

Prepare yourself for another spectacular British Flower Week from 10 till 16 June 2019. With the above-mentioned British flowers, you’ll definitely impress those walk-in customers.

Click here to go to our buying platform. After that, use the country filter on the left side to select ‘United Kingdom’.  *Please note that the availability of the flowers can differ per delivery date.