Become a British Grower Ambassador

Exciting news: the Grower Ambassador project has been extended to Britain! Assisting British growers in promoting their products to florists and becoming the champion of their product. Does that sound exciting to you? Read on and learn how you can become a British Grower Ambassador.


The grower marketplace

On Florismart’s webshop we have two marketplaces:

1.      The Live Shop: several exporters offer their products which are available for next day delivery.

2.      The Pre-order: which is made up of growers. Florists can order 2 days and up to 1 year in advance. The flowers from the Pre-order are still in the ground.

So far we have 50 growers on the Pre-order, but over the next 12 months, this amount will increase with hundreds of growers from all over the world. Our aim is to offer you a wide product range from the best growers and to become the biggest marketplace.

The champion of a grower’s product

In total there are about 4,000 growers around the world, and many of them are wanting to join Florismart, but they need help from a florist to help them sell to florists.

This project really gets to the heart of what we are about – florists helping florists.

The idea is to pair up one florist and one British grower with the aim to promote the grower’s products and explain to other florists what makes them special. As soon as you are matched with one of our growers, you will visit the greenhouse and meet the grower. You will learn all about flower farming and you will get to work with flowers. Your first task will be creating a video of your grower and the grower’s profile page on our website.

After your visit to the grower, you will start promoting your grower’s product by creating featured videos and be the grower’s voice on Facebook. In return, your grower will send you lots of free samples!

Click here for the grower ambassador information brochure.

Apply now

We expect spaces will go quickly and will be on a first come first serve basis, so please apply as soon as possible.

Business owners, you can assign this project to members of your staff and it will be a fantastic learning experience for them.

Would you like to get involved in this project? Please send an email to Lesley at

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