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On the Pre-order, we offer lots of different British summer flowers. Order, for example, elegant Gladioli, lush Hydrangeas or beautiful Lilies. The advantage of buying British? Minimum distance means maximum vase life – it’s simple as that. But please don’t take our British growers for granted, as it’s a matter of ‘use them or lose them’. Have a look at a selection of our current British assortment below.



On the Pre-order, we have two British growers offering Gladioli. Grower K. Martin & Son Ltd offers the gracious flowers per stem (min. quantity = 30), while grower P.S.&J.E. Ward Ltd offers them in bunches (min. quantity = 10). Available colours are: orange, white, red, purple and pink.


British Aster is available from April – September and is currently offered by grower J.A. Collison & Sons. The playful variety ‘Matsumoto’ is heat resistant and available in white, pale/dark pink, blue, red and mixed colours. All colours are offered in bunches of 300 grams (min. quantity = 10).

british summer flowers


If we were to ask people to choose one flower that symbolises summer, most of them will probably pick the Sunflower. Grower J.B. Robinson & Son Ltd offers the cheerful and sturdy ‘Helianthus Sunrich Orange’ in minimum quantities of only 10 stems. The stems have reached a length of 60cm.


Grower Tatchell & Co makes sure our Pre-order is filled with beautiful shades of cerise and pink. Their Hydrangeas are available in two length categories: 40-60cm or 60+cm. The stunning summer bloomers are also available in mixed buckets; perfect if you don’t know which colour to choose.

british summer flowers
british summer flowers


Last but not least: beautiful long-living Orienpet (Ot) Lilies from grower Smith and Munson. They currently offer two types of these Lilies: the white Lily Zambesi and the dark pink Lily Carbonero. Both Lilies have stem lengths of 95cm, offering 5 heads or more per stem (min. quantity = 10). Also available: oriental Roselily Isabella – a true stunner!

Other British quality flowers are the Irises from Redford Flowers, Alstroemeria from Crosslands Flower Nursery and Gypsophila from G.W. Harrington Ltd.


Ready to dive into our range of stunning British (summer) flowers*? Click here to go to our buying platform. After that, use the country filter on the left side to select ‘United Kingdom’. *Please note that the availability of the flowers can differ per delivery date.

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