We support florists in reaching their local community. Similarly, we help  the independent florist connect with a nationwide and regional community of florists. Through our online Facebook communities and our Business Clubs, florists can support and educate each other.

The National Community

Seeing the need for independent florists that have a ‘place’ where they can connect, we founded a Florismart Florists Facebook Group about a year ago. This group grew out to be a safe haven for florists where they could get answers to all kinds of questions and solutions to problems so many independent florists struggle with. Additionally, several Florismart team members are available in this group to answer all florist questions about products and buying. In addition, growers (and their ambassadors) that have joined the Florismart Platform are also members of this group and are readily available to answer any questions florists may have about their product. This group is only available to our Pro Members.

Community katiejane holstein
Grower Holstein and Florismart Florist Katie-Jane

Business clubs

In an attempt to bring florists physically together and talking, we’ve hosted a great number of regional Business clubs for independent florists to meet, network and learn. In each of these Club meetings, we discuss important subjects and we add several elements of education like dealing with social media, photography, up-selling, disaster recovery and many more topics. Check in with your ambassador to see when and where these Business Clubs are held.


Regional Community

With the phrase: better a good neighbour than a far-flung friend in mind, we figured florists might be able to benefit in multiple ways by connecting to local florists in the same area. We, therefore, asked an independent florist to act as Local Ambassador and set up a Facebook group that is owned by that region of florists.  These groups are particularly handy to discuss local events, news, share orders, combine stock buying and contacting your regional ambassador for information. Click here for an overview of all our local communities.

Want to join our community?

Have a look at our membership program. Here you can find everything you need to know about joining the Florismart Community and what you get in return.