Connecting the industry

Only when we’re connected we can start initiating real change. Which is why we make efforts connecting florists with growers. Because this is the connection permanently lacking. Yet, it is the most important part of connecting the industry.

Grower and Florist

Florists buy flowers and plants that growers cultivate. A simple equation when you put it like this. However, due to a gravely overpopulated chain, Florist and Grower don’t actually get to talk to each other. The buyer doesn’t know who he/she buys from and the seller doesn’t know who he is selling to. This causes problems, for example, growers have issues determining what to grow. All because they don’t get to ask florists which products they prefer.

Connecting the industry

This needed to change. Hence, we introduced growers and florists to each other. Through our community, florists and growers can now ask each other questions they may have. To make it even easier, we introduced the Grower Ambassador Program. In this program, we matched up growers with florists who will represent them. These florists are trained to become an expert on that particular grower’s product.

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