Decorum Grower of the Week: Boers Amaryllis

In order to introduce Decorum and their growers to you florists, we will devote an article series to them. This week’s article features grower Boers Amaryllis, which we visited a few weeks ago. Read on to learn more about their sustainably grown Amaryllis.

boers amaryllis
boers amaryllis

Family business

Boers Amaryllis is a family business. Nowadays, Erik Boers is in charge, but the company is founded 50 years ago by his grandfather. At Boers Amaryllis, they grow Amaryllis bulbs as well as Amaryllis cut flowers. Through the years, the latter has become their main product. The biggest peak for Boers Amaryllis is between the  1st of November and the 20th of December. They sell about 85% of their total production in that specific period. Boers’ Amaryllis are available from mid-October until the end of March/beginning of April.

Growing process

At Boers Amaryllis, they grow 8 different varieties: multiple red, white and striped ones. The red one is their most important variety and covers 60% of their production. Every variety has its own preferences in terms of humidity, warmth etcetera. If they wouldn’t give in to those preferences the flowers would still bloom, but probably sooner or later. Only the best Amaryllis will be selected as ‘Decorum quality’. These stems should have at least 4 buds. Growing new varieties takes up 4 to 5 years. To illustrate, Boers Amaryllis planted their new variety ‘Himalaya’ 5 years ago and cut them for the first time last year.

boers amaryllis
boers amaryllis


At Boers Amaryllis, they always work with the same group of people. Everyone has to take care of their ‘own’ variety. In that way, they know what’s best for ‘their’ specific flower, which is a real advantage. Not only while cutting them, but also while packing them. Besides, if something goes wrong, they will automatically know who’s responsible. On normal days there are  25 people working at Boers Amaryllis, but at peak periods they have between 70 and 80 people working for them.


At Boers Amaryllis, they do everything in their power to take care of the environment. They re-use their water, make use of their own heat sources, but most striking: they re-use CO2. Erik quoted a Dutch saying: “talking to plants, makes them grow better” and explained that this is actually true. Boers Amaryllis re-uses CO2, coming from the harbour in Rotterdam. By doing this, Erik Boers is not only taking care of his Amaryllis he is also contributing to a cleaner environment.

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