Decorum Grower of the Week: Koningshof

In order to introduce Decorum and their growers to you florists, we are devoting an article series to them. This week’s article features Cymbidium grower Koningshof. A while ago, Frans showed us around their greenhouse and told us about the enormous range of products they have. Fun fact: Koningshof is the only grower in the world who offers Cymbidium year round!


Koningshof Cymbidium

Koningshof has around 100 varieties and is, therefore, the biggest Cymbidium grower in the world. Furthermore, they are the only grower who supplies Cymbidium year round. To be able to do so, they have a massive greenhouse, separated in sections, where the flowers all bloom in consecutive months. To spread the risk of not having enough blooms of the same colour, they grow multiple varieties of one colour with minimalistic differences. This is also needed to guarantee their availability year round. 95% of Koningshof’s production is exported.

Live vs. Pre-order

At Koningshof they sell around 90% directly and only 10% via the auction. The reason is simple: they want to deliver the best possible products. When a product gets Pre-ordered, the flowers get some sort of medicine. This ensures that the flowers will not damage that easy during transport. This medicine also fosters the vase life of the Cymbidiums.


Quality Control

Every Cymbidium has their own colour, lip and drawing, but they have one thing in common: their outstanding vase life. The vase life of the Cymbidium is a minimum of three weeks. The flowers being fully open or not doesn’t affect the vase life. Only a few varieties need to be fully open, otherwise, their stems will be too soft. Koningshof reserves their best products for Decorum, which is almost 70%. These products generally have larger stems and more flowers than their normal quality products. To reduce the risk of spreading diseases, all different varieties have their own knife hanging in front of them. So the white ones will not be cut with the same knife as the green ones for instance. Caution is key!


Reacting to trends is very difficult, according to Frans. To illustrate: it takes Cymbidiums 4 to 5 years until the first flowers are visible. Luckily for Koningshof, they have an enormous range of colours and varieties. Once the Cymbidiums get out of the laboratory the Cymbidium is already one year old. Overall, Koningshof has around 100,000 to 150,000 plants and another 20,000 baby plants. Quite impressive, right? Watch the video below to see how the Cymbidiums are harvested at Koningshof.

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