Decorum Grower of the Week: Van der Valk Groenesier

In order to introduce Decorum and their growers to you florists, we devote an article series to them. This week’s article features Asparagus grower Van der Valk Groenesier. A while ago, Bart showed us his foliage heaven and told us more about the 6 types of Asparagus they grow.

van der valk groenesier
van der valk groenesier

Van der Valk Groenesier

Brothers Bart and Rick van der Valk run the company together. They have grown different types of high-quality Asparagus for over 35 years. With approximately 4.5 hectares, Van der Valk Groenesier is actually one of the biggest Asparagus growers in the Netherlands. In total, about 14 hectares of Asparagus is grown in the Netherlands (this used to be 300 hectares!). Based on this we can conclude that the Van der Valk brothers are experts in the field of Asparagus.

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Cyperus Alternifolius
van der valk groenesier
Asparagus Setaceus

Asparagus assortment

At Van der Valk Groenesier they grow 6 different types of Asparagus: Sprengeri, Falcatus, Setaceus, Umbellatus, Cwebe and Myers. At the moment, three of them are on the Pre-order: Asparagus Sprengeri, Falcatus and Setaceus. They also offer mixes on the Pre-order. The green mix and the exclusive mix, which contains 5 different types of Asparagus. Besides Asparagus, they also grow Cyperus. You might know this one as a pot plant, but at Van der Valk they grow them as cut-greens.

Quality Control

Year round, 8 people are harvesting at Van der Valk Groenesier. They are familiar with the products and hand-pick one line of Asparagus a day. Only the best Asparagus is sold with the Decorum label on it. These can be recognised by – amongst other things – their dark green colour. Van der Valk’s Asparagus has a vase life of 3 weeks.

Looking for Asparagus to complement your bouquets? Check out Van der Valk’s assortment on our Pre-order!


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