Decorum Grower of the Week: Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

In order to introduce Decorum and their growers to you florists, we devote an article series to them. This week’s article features grower Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants. A few weeks ago, Rob showed us around their nursery and told us about the outstanding quality of their Decorum products. Read on to learn more about it.


Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

At Vreugdenhil they grow a diverse range of seasonal pot plants and flower bulbs. They have around 15 products in different sizes and price ranges for every season. Vreugdenhil’s main product is Amaryllis. Ranging from Amaryllis bulbs, to Amaryllis pot plants and even ‘no water’ bulbs. Later on, we will tell you more about the latter. Vreugdenhil sells around 12 million Amaryllis products every year. They value each customer highly, regardless of the size of their order; whether it is only one tray or multiple trolleys.

Growing Process

At the beginning of the growing process, bulbs need a lot of warmth. To obtain this heat, Vreugdenhil has around 650 (!) solar panels on the roof. The whole nursery works on their own obtained solar energy. As soon as the bulbs start to come out, they get stored in the freezer. Putting them in the freezer makes sure that the growing process is being paused. The bulbs will stay in the freezer until the moment they get transported to the customer. To get all this work done properly, they usually work with around 80 people. However, during busy periods, the number of employees goes up to 300.


Wax Amaryllis

Vreugdenhil was the first to come up with the ‘no water’ Amaryllis bulbs. These waxed bulbs are hand-made and therefore one of a kind. Vreugdenhil offers different designs for every season, to match with the customers’ wishes and needs. Now – during the festive season – they offer for example snowy or glittery waxed bulbs. The perfect Christmas gift!

Decorum: outstanding quality

During our visit, Rob showed us the difference between their normal quality and Decorum quality multiple times. To illustrate: the Decorum quality bulbs are a lot bigger than their normal quality Amaryllis bulbs. Watch the video and see the outstanding Decorum quality for yourself!

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