Decorum Plants & Flowers: Feel the quality

Ever noticed the name Decorum on our buying platform? More Decorum growers will be joining us very soon. And that is no coincidence since we both pursue the goal of offering the freshest flowers, direct from the grower. Before we devote an article series to Decorum growers, we wanted to give you some information about Decorum and their ‘sustainable’ mission.


More than a supplier

Decorum is a cooperation of selected and passionate plant and flower growers.  They offer inspiration, ease and a superb experience. A true feeling of quality. That is what the Decorum brand is all about. Products bought via Decorum growers are ensured of being premium quality, direct from the source. You might wonder how Decorum determines if the products are of premium quality? The growers have to meet the following requirements to become a Decorum member:

  • Care & passion – Growers care about their plants/flowers and grow them with passion.
  • Special selection – Only the best products are selected for Decorum.
  • Innovation – Decorum growers are always busy with innovation and improvement.
  • Sustainability – A lot of products are grown eco-friendly and the aim is to produce as eco-friendly as possible.
decorum growers
decorum growers

Feel Green: 1+1=3

Lately, sustainability is getting more important at Decorum. The increasing pressure from the market, government and community to grow sustainably has resulted in ‘Feel Green’. Feel Green is the sustainability label of Decorum. Growers who supply Feel Green products comply with strict sustainability criteria regarding cultivation and packaging. This results in sustainable enjoy: 1+1=3!

decorum growers
decorum growers

Decorum & Florismart

A lot of our current growers are associated with Decorum. A few examples are Arcadia Chrysanten,  Moerman Lilium, Leo Kuyvenhoven, Future Flowers, Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, Kwekerij Duijn-Hove, Kwekerij Koningshof and Together2Grow. As we said in the introduction, more growers will follow soon.

In the coming weeks, we will tell you more about our Decorum growers. Stay tuned!

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